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MondoSpatial are a new and progressive player in the world of geospatial solutions for the Telco & Utility sectors.  For far too long, our industry has been furnished with GIS solutions that lack proper mobility capability, are overly complex, expensive and extremely hard to configure for the unique scenarios and conditions the industry has. That has now all changed...

Strategic Partnership

MondoSpatial has partnered with IQGeo to provide a quality and affordable suite of products to address the often complex and lengthy geospatial solution implementations.  MondoSpatial are now the IQGeo sole distributor across the Australia/New Zealand (ANZ) region.

Industry Experts

In addition to being able to provide high quality geospatial products, the MondoSpatial team has extensive global experience with Telco (PNI, Operations and Commercial Management), Utilities and the spatial industry generally and we now have an excellent cultural fit with IQGeo.  Our team members have significant global experience and have worked with most of the Tier 1 telcos in Australia & New Zealand.

The Complete Package

Providing state of the art software is only part of a high quality GIS solution, the other critical component are the professional services required to deliver the complete solution. MondoSpatial provide quality Development, Systems Integration and Implementation services. To learn more about how we can assist you, feel free to Contact Us for an obligation free and honest discussion


IQGeo - the industry's most innovative geospatial network management software

MondoSpatial have partnered with IQGeo to provide industry leading world class products to the ANZ Telco & Utility sectors.  IQGeo’s end-to-end geospatial network management software provides a single platform across planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance, and sales and marketing processes for telecoms, fiber, and utility network operators.  IQGeo core products include:

Integrated Network (Telco)

IQGeo Integrated Network is the telecom industry’s only single solution to enable operators to deploy and manage fiber and HFC networks across the entire lifecycle, from planning and design to operations and sales.

Adaptive Grid (Utility)

IQGeo Adaptive Grid is a game-changing approach to managing the entire lifecycle of the electric grid, transforming comprehensive network data – from design and construction to outage management – into digital workflows.


Professional services enabling you to gain the most from your geospatial solutions, so that you can maximise the capability of your network

MondoSpatial are the IQGeo experts in the ANZ region and are well versed in GIS implementations, both large and small.  Additionally, the core MondoSpatial team have significant Telco operational experience (some of whom have over 40 years), therefore understand the complexities of Telco operations, as well as what is required for a successful deployment of a GIS solution.​

MondoSpatial professional services include:

  • GIS implementations

  • System Upgrades

  •  Data Migration

  •  Systems Integrations

To learn more about what we can do for you, feel free to Contact Us for an obligation free and honest discussion

About Us

Who We Are

MondoSpatial was born out of a need to address a gap in the geospatial network mobility management space for Telcos and Utilities in the ‘Australia/New Zealand’ (ANZ) region.  MondoSpatial have bridged this gap by partnering with IQGeo to provide a quality and affordable suite of products.


MondoSpatial are always on the look-out for Telco/Utility experienced GIS Specialists.  Our current opportinities include

  • GIS Developer - We are currently looking for people that have a GIS Development background and are proficient in Java Script, Python or similar.  If this is you, we'd like to talk to you, Contact Us now to discuss this opporunity.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about the MondoSpatial Products, Services or Opportinities, please feel free to contact us. 

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